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Leslie Amper, Pianist and Lecturer
Lecture/Recitals related to Art Exhibitions


2017 Wheaton College, Norton MA
Blended Senses: Synesthesia in Music, Art, Literature, and Fashion
music by Liszt, Messiaen, Beach, Ellington

2016 Wheaton College, Norton, MA
Shared Inspirations: Claude Debussy, Alice Guy Blache and the Impressionist Painters

2015   Chautauqua Institution, Carnegie University, Wheaton College
Creativity in Hard Times: The Federal Music Project of the 1930’s
related to WPA Art


2014    Wheaton College ( MA)
Evelyn Danzig Haas ’39 Visiting Artist
Music by Granados and Beethoven, related to Goya Exhibit


2013    Columbus Museum of Art , Columbus Ohi0
George and Emma Bellows : The Music in their Lives
Keith and Nadine Pierce Annual Lecture on American Art



London, England
Salon Concert
Lecture/Recital George and Emma Bellows: The Music in Their Lives


National Gallery of Art (Washington DC)
Exhibition: George Bellows
Lecture/Recital George and Emma Bellows: The Music in Their Lives
works by Chopin, Beach, Cowell, Griffes, Gerswhin
DW Griffith New York Hat ( silent film with Schubert accompaniment)


Smithsonian Art Museum(Washington DC)
Exhibition: 1934: A New Deal For Artists
Lecture/Recital 1934 in Concert: Composers of the Federal Music Project
works include Beach, Cowell, Bloch, Sessions, Copland, Gerswhin
repeated, with commentary on activities of local interest at
Fort Wayne (Indiana) Museum or Art
Western Washington University
in conjunction Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, Washington
Oklahoma City Museum
New York State Museum (Albany, NY)


Phoenix Art Museum
Exhibition: Multiples in French Painting from David to Matisse
Lecture/Recital: Macro, Micro and Minimal: Repetition in Music
works include Debussy, Faure, Messiaen, Satie, Reich


Frick Art and Historical Society (Pittsburgh, PA)
Exhibition: Off the Pedestal: New Women in the Art of Homer, Chase, and Sargent
Lecture/Recital: The Joy of Autumn
works include MacDowell, Beach, Griffes, Schumann Liszt


Museum of Fine Arts Boston (with Ann Allen Lecturer)
The Sound of Color: Debussy and the Visual Arts